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Virtual Business Assistant

Meet Alesea

Alesea is your virtual assistant for cable inventory management.

Alesea transforms the cable drum from a simple package into an intelligent asset that supports customers in improving their efficiency in operations and inventory management.

Alesea makes the information about your assets always available, and autonomously updated by the solution. You get real time inventory visibility, actionable notifications and you will know each asset’s location, status, history, usage and handling conditions.

What do we offer?Solution

The Intelligent Features

Alesea relies on a sensored tracking device that includes a GPS tracker, environmental sensors, motion detectors, and mobile communications. The collected information is presented on an intuitive cloud-based platform that provides insights on how to improve the efficiency of operations.

The Smart Customer Service

1.Live Portal
2.Periodic reporting

The Intelligent FeaturesThe Device

  • Requires no intervention
  • Installed by cable manufacturer
  • Information management handled during shipping by cable manufacturer

  • Completely flat to the side
  • Discreet and invisible
  • Robust to environment conditions
  • Theft-proof installation

  • Cable metering
  • Temperature sensor
  • Multi-network connectivity
  • GPS+GSM triangulation positioning
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The Smart Customer Service1. Live PortalLive data displayed on the online portal

Cloud data storage
Multi-device online platform
Event notifications
Actionable insights

The Smart Customer Service2. Periodic reportingPeriodic reporting for in-depth analysis

The analysts team of Alesea will produce periodic reports to be shared with the customer highlighting actionable insights.

Use this information to discover, optimize inventory levels, improve service quality and reduce spending on cable.

The Smart Customer Service3. ConsultingConsulting to turn data into actions

Smart solution with the human touch.

Tailor made onboarding path with an Alesea consultant to maximize the value generation and knowledge transfer in the first months of use.

Alesea offers custom value adding consulting services to uncap customer’s potential and boost quality and efficiency performance.

The Smart Customer Service4. Smart PickUpCentralizing & digitizing the drum pickup process

The Smart PickUp solution allows all stakeholders of the drum return and pick up operations to communicate through one platform.

Construction sites, drum providers, cable manufacturers and drum transporters can use the platform to schedule drum pick-ups, better manage their assets, optimize transport schedules and reduce their environmental impact.

BenefitsWhat Alesea does for you

Asset localization
See where your cables and drums are located at all times.
Asset Monitoring
Monitor the condition and health of your assets.
Cable Inventory Visibility
Alesea uses smart cable metering to give you an automatically updated inventory overview for all your worksites in real time. You can also see the full history for location and events for every individual asset
Proactive Stock Planning
Alesea helps you drive inventory efficiency levels by linking cable consumption and usage. It also notifies you about cable shortages, avoiding unnecessary delays.
Asset Security
Ensure the security and traceability of your goods.
Transport & Delivery Tracking
Track deliveries and receive information about delivery status.
Performance Metrics
Alesea provides objective data that you can use to measure and improve operational performance and inventory efficiency. The data is also useful for giving feedback to employees and partners to increase the service quality.


See how much you can save with Alesea
Use the tool

EngagementHow to engage with Alesea

1. Presentation

Presentation of the solution width benefit estimated through case studies.

2. Commercial Trial

A sample of drums is equipped with the device and Alesea tests the full set of functionalities.

3. Workflow Analysis

Customer workflow analysis: the Alesea team consults the customer on how to capture the most value ffrom the solution and estimates the savings generated by adopting the service.

4. Solution Design

Pricing definition and signing of an agreement to adopt the solution and select the desired modules.

5. Solution Optimization

Once the solution is deployed the Alesea team consults the customer to optimize their work flow according to the data.

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About Alesea

Alesea was launched by the innovation hub Corporate Hangar in collaboration with Prysmian Group.
Alesea is an innovative start-up which aims at revolutionizing asset management boosting the business performance for both customers and partners. The solution has been developed and extensively tested by closely interacting with a leading world-class cable manufacturer and partners in the industry.

Alesea was specifically designed with cable inventory management in mind and optimized for that application.

Alesea is completely autonomous in collecting and updating information for You to see.

Alesea is completely hassle free for You: no installation or maintenance required, just activate the service.

Alesea uses mobile communications, meaning that it will work wherever Your cell phone does.

Alesea is supported by a team of experts that helps You get the most value out of the data.

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